Lumbini Province Government
Ministry of Forest, Environment, Tourism and Drinking Water
Province Forest Directorate
Division Forest Office
  • प्रभात सापकोटा
    Prabhat Sapkota

    Office head

  • संदिप बासुकला
    sandeep Basukala

    Information Officer


Information and news
Title Published Date Download
एक सामुदायिक वन एक उद्यम विकास कार्यक्रम २०८० 2080-11-03
काठ दाउरा लिलाम बिक्री सम्बन्धी सूचना प्रकाशित सूचना २०८०।१०।२८ 2080-10-28
वन क्षेत्र भित्रको खोला खोल्सी व्यवस्थापन बाट उत्पादन भएका नदी जन्य पदार्थ संकलन सम्बन्धी सूचना 2080-10-16
Legal Documents
Title Published Date Download
Lumbini Province Forest regulation First amendment 2080 2080-01-08
Forest Act 2078 Lumbini Provience 2078-08-16
Federal_Forest Act 2076 2076-06-27
Title Published Date Download
Title Published Date Download
Federal Forest Regulation 2079 2079-03-16
Forest regulation Lumbini Province 2079 2079-01-14
Title Published Date Download
2080 Implementation Procedures of Federal Conditional Grant Programs to be Operated by Provinces 2080-06-07
Lumbini Province Forest and Environment Annual Program Implementation Procedures FY2080.81 2080-04-22
EIA 2079-12-18
Title Published Date Download
National Information Commision_report_dfo_rupandehi 2079-12-09
Progress Report 2078.079 2078-03-31
Yearly Progress 2077.79 2078-03-30
Title Published Date Download
Rupandehi District Rate FY2080.81 2080-03-27
Study of Threatened species 2079 2079-03-31
Introduction To wetland of Rupandehi Districts 2078-12-23
Title Published Date Download
Leave application 2079-12-25
Tourism Leave 2079-12-25
Request For seedling 2079-12-18
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